1.1 These terms and conditions together with the order information you agree with us will form a binding contract between Packshot Factory Limited (“Icetank”) and the Client who hires the venue from Icetank (“Client”) and which shall constitute the entire agreement between the Client and Icetank and apply to any trading agreement or other contract or arrangement between the Client and Icetank;

1.2 These terms apply to the exclusion of all other terms or conditions of contract the Client may propose and shall not be varied unless agreed in writing and signed by Icetank.


2.1 For the purposes of this agreement, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

“Additional Fees” shall mean additional fees charged to the Client in relation to the Hire.

“Booking Hire Agreement” shall mean the form submitted by Icetank to Client containing details, dates, times of the Venue Hire and the corresponding Fees.

“The Client” shall mean the organisation or person named in the Booking Hire Agreement as the hirer of the Venue, its employees and sub-contractors or, as applicable, the Client’s contact person whose details are provided in the Booking Hire Agreement.

“Venue Staff” shall mean the employee(s) of Icetank.

“The Fee” shall mean any estimate of the fees agreed in writing between Icetank and the Client with any applicable VAT payable to Icetank by the Client for permission to hire the Venue and for any ancillary services to be provided by Icetank.

“Guests” shall mean all persons including any employees, subcontractors and/or agents of the Client.

Icetank” shall mean Packshot Factory Limited.

“The Venue” shall mean the property and/or areas identified by Icetank to the Client within the Booking Hire Agreement for the purposes of the Venue Hire.

“The Venue Hire” shall mean the hire of function rooms at our Icetank premises which are the subject of the Booking Hire Agreement.

“The Venue Hire Date and Time” shall mean the date(s) and time of hire of the Venue.


3.1 Bookings are taken on a first come, first served basis.

3.2 Booking is deemed confirmed by the Client upon confirmation of the Booking Hire Agreement in writing (email).

3.3 Any changes to the booking must be agreed by Icetank in writing.


4.1 Once the Client has agreed to the Booking Hire Agreement a non-refundable 50% deposit of the Fee and the applicable VAT is immediately due and payable.

4.2 The remaining balance of the Fee is due 5 (five) weeks prior to the date of the Venue Hire Date and Time.

4.3 If a booking is made less than 5 (five) weeks prior to the Venue Hire Date and Time then the full Fee will be due immediately upon booking.

4.4 The Client shall provide Icetank with all such information and material as it may reasonably request for the purpose of generating a valid invoice for payment of the Fee, including, where required, the provision of purchase order references immediately upon confirmation of the Booking Hire Agreement.

4.5 Icetank may charge Additional Fees in accordance with its then prevailing rates in the event of:

4.5.1 damages to props and or property arising due to a wilful or negligent omission on the part of the client

4.5.2 overrunning at £275 + VAT per hour

4.5.3 agreed additional costs such us furniture or but not limited to additional equipment hire.


5.1 The Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests must arrive and vacate the premises by the agreed times, as stated on the Booking Hire Agreement.

5.2 Failure to adhere to the agreed times will incur overrunning charge of £275 + VAT per hour.

5.3 In the event of unauthorised overrunning Icetank withholds the right to interrupt the Venue Hire, cut the power supply and exclude the Client and third parties from the Venue with or without the assistance of security. If this occurs Icetank will charge Additional Fees to the Client accordingly.


6.1 No equipment is to be delivered to the Venue without the prior agreement of Icetank. Icetank reserve the right to refuse the delivery of equipment if it is considered dangerous or harmful to the building and contents or to its employees, agents or guests.

6.2 The Client agrees to use the equipment belonging to the Venue in a safe manner and return it in good working order. Where equipment is damaged charges will be made to Client.

6.3. Icetank are not responsible for running the technical aspect of any events held by the Client during the Venue Hire. We recommend the Client brings in a technician to facilitate their needs.

6.4 At all times the safety of all personnel in the Venue is paramount. Other people working in the Venue (i.e. caterers, Icetank staff etc.) must not be hindered in any way during the setting up and striking down of equipment.

6.5 At the end of the Venue Hire agreed by Icetank in the Booking Hire Agreement the Client shall remove all equipment and effects brought to the Venue. Icetank cannot accept any responsibility for equipment or other effects left at the Venue before or after the Venue Hire.

6.6 Icetank will take appropriate measures, within its control, to supply lights and equipment in good working order. If Venue Support Staff is required to assist with sound or lighting, there will be an additional charge of £250 + VAT. Subject to confirmation.

6.7 Icetank recommend using Icetank’s preferred suppliers (see Supplier’s List on Icetank’s website) who are familiar with our Venue and its restrictions.

6.7.1 If the Client wishes to use a non-preferred supplier there will be an additional fee of £500 + VAT.

6.7.2 All non-preferred suppliers must get prior agreement to work at Icetank and carry all the necessary insurance and health and safety documents.

6.8 The Client must ensure that any wooden structures brought onto the premises are Class 1 and that all drapes and soft settings and props are fireproofed. Icetank reserve the right to refuse the use of any equipment or props6.9 The Venue must be clear of the entire Client’s property and in a clean and useable condition by the time stated on the Booking Hire Agreement. Failure to comply with this may result in Icetank disposing of the property and charging the Client for expenses incurred.

6.9.1 The Client is responsible for clearing their own rubbish and waste at the end of their venue hire. All rubbish must be disposed of at the designed area.

6.10 The Client must ensure they have adequate Public and Employees Liability Insurance to cover themselves, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests in the event of an accident.


7.1 The details of the Venue Hire are set out in the Booking Hire Agreement.

7.2 The Client will not invite or permit more than the agreed number of Guests to access the Venue.

7.3 The Client must supply to Icetank at least 24 hours in advance of the commencement of the Venue Hire a list of anticipated Guests in such cases where Icetank has specifically requested this information.

7.4 Icetank, its representatives, employees or agents reserve the right to: a) refuse entry to any persons who are in the opinion of Icetank posing a safety or security risk at or in the vicinity of the Venue during, immediately prior to or immediately following the Venue Hire; and b) request proof of invitation or identification from each or any Guest, without which entry to the Venue may be refused.

7.5 The Client will ensure that all Guests leave the Venue quietly and that no disturbance is caused to local residents as a result of the departure of Guests from the Venue at any time; and that the Client leaves the Venue no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled end of the hire.


8.1 If written notification of cancellation from the Client is received 4 (four) weeks or more in advance of the Venue Hire Date and Time, the Client will receive a 20% refund of the full Fee. Cancellation of Venue Hire with less than 4 weeks’ notice will result in the loss of the full Fee.

8.2 In the event of a full or partial cancellation of a confirmed booking by the Client any additional charges which have or will be incurred by Icetank in respect of the booking will be charged to the Client.

8.3 Icetank reserve the right to cancel the Venue Hire if payments are not received by the agreed dates. Where cancellation occurs under this clause then all previously made payments are non-refundable.

8.4 If the booking is cancelled by Icetank due to circumstances outside Icetank’s control the all Fees will be refunded to the Client. Icetank will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Client as a result of this action.


9.1 The right of entry to all parts of the Venue is reserved at all times to Icetank and its officials and employees and any other persons authorised by it.

9.2 The Client shall be responsible that good order is kept in the Venue and Icetank reserves the right to terminate any Venue Hire not properly conducted.

9.3 The assessment of the conduct of Venue Hire rests with the Venue Staff and he has full authority to act on behalf of Icetank.

9.4 The Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests must conduct themselves in a responsible manner with due consideration to Venue staff or their agents, visitors or members of the public.

9.5 The Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests must refrain from any behaviour, which would bring the Venue into disrepute or cause discomfort/risk to others.

9.6 The Client has an obligation to tell its employees, sub-contractors and guests about these terms and conditions, to give them details and ensure they comply with them. It is a condition of the booking that the Client accepts the terms and conditions and has made its employees, sub-contractors and Guests who are party to the Venue Hire aware of them.


10.1 Icetank do not have a license to sell alcohol, and cannot serve hot food or alcoholic drinks after 11pm.

10.2 There is a strict non-smoking policy operating inside or directly outside of the Venue.

10.3 Basic cleaning shall be included in the Fees.

10.4 All evening Venue Hire require licensed security and the security shall be included in the Fees.

10.5 As a courtesy to Icetank’s neighbours we request no loud music after 11pm.

10.6 No parking is available outside the Venue, but vehicle pull up outside for drop off, collections and deliveries.

10.6.1 The closest parking: NCP Parking, 2 Museum Street, London, WC1A 1JP, +44 (0) 870 606 7050.

10.6.2 Icetank shall not be liable for the Client’s, its employees’, sub-contractors’ and Guests’ parking charges.


11.1 To the fullest extent permitted by law Icetank shall not be liable for:  Any loss or damage to property of the Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests. Any inconvenience or loss caused to the Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests as a result of cancellation or termination under section 8. Icetank do not exclude or limit its liability for death or personal injury caused due to its negligence.

11.2 Appropriate insurance cover should be obtained by the Client to indemnify Icetank against claims, which may be made against it in respect of loss, or damage that Icetank may suffer. Such insurance should also cover the risk of bodily injury or death to the Client, its employees, sub-contractors and Guests. This excludes any such loss, damage, injury, or death as may be caused by the act, default or negligence of Icetank.

11.3 If insurance is deemed necessary the Client will provide to Icetank on request full details of any insurance obtained.

11.4 The Client shall be responsible for any loss of, or damage to, Icetank’s property including buildings, fixtures, fittings, furnishings, utensils and equipment.

11.5 Any costs of making good any damage will be charged to the Client. Any costs of replacement of any damaged or stolen equipment will be charged to the Client.

11.6 Any costs incurred by Icetank due to failure by the Client to adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Venue Hire or the Booking Hire Agreement – including but not limited to: overrunning of the Venue Hire, requirement for extra equipment, furniture and staff will be charged to the Client.

11.7 Rules, regulations, technical advice or other requests reasonable made during the Venue Hire by Venue Staff should be adhered to.


12.1 Any changes to the times of the Venue Hire must be requested in writing before a booking is confirmed. Extensions to Venue Hire times incur additional charges.

12.2 Icetank reserve the right to refuse any request to increase party size; if this results in a cancellation, cancellation policy under section 8 still applies.

12.3 Any additional services requested by the Client will incur Additional Fees.

12.3.1 The Additional Fees are due immediately upon receipt.

12.4 Any additional services provided by Icetank with or without consultation of the Client on the grounds of Health & Safety and Security will be charged to the Client.

12.5 Icetank reserve the right to use their preferred suppliers or contractors for any services.


13.1 Icetank may use the Client’s name and photographs and or video of Client’s Venue Hire in its promotional material, including online and on social media, unless the Client notifies Icetank prior to the Venue Hire.