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Dry hire venues – Product launch parties – Pop up venue

Icetank is the perfect product launch venue in Central London. A modern, adaptable, white space, a blank canvas venue with two floors, 1800 sq. feet and bi-folded street level access door make Icetank ideal for a variety of launch parties.

Choosing the right product launch event space is challenging. Not only is the task to impress clients but also to ensure that the venue’s design perfectly complements the product. Icetank with its adaptable design and Central London location ticks all the boxes.

It is within an easy reach of Holborn, Soho and Covent Garden tube, and you can transform the venue to whatever style and branding your press event demands. From ordinary to extraordinary, with the addition of lighting available and large windows to vinyl, you can achieve the exact ambiance and setting you are looking for!

See how Icetank can help your business get noticed and get in touch with our professional team for the perfect corporate product launch event in Central London.

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